Tip Clearing Water Slums Not With Chemical Substances

Tip Clearing Water Slums Not With Chemical Substances

As many regions in Indonesia today is experiencing a flood disaster. Not Just soak the houses belonging to the community, this flood also caused distress residents obtain clean water supply.
Water flooding which could cream pemutih wajah yang aman lead to many diseases slum. But, because the lack of clean water supply also forced many residents to wash and shower utilize the flood water. Are there any tips for clarifying water-stained?
According to Green Car Tutor Solidarity United Indonesia Cabinet Wives (SIKIB), Findryaningsih Fiona, it actually there is a simple trick that can be used For purify water with no chemicals. This stained water purification could be done filtered.
Here’s a simple trick purify water:

Means Filters:

1. Sand
According Findry, sand that can be used for filtering water that is that size zero, 2 to 0.8 millimeters. For this sand filter padatab enabled. Scan filter sand when water was not clear anymore.

2. coconut shell charcoal
For charcoal that can be used to filter water is that the size of the diameter of zero, 1 millimeter or powder form. This charcoal is able to reduce the color and odor. Changing charcoal, if the water filter was not clear anymore.

3. Other Filters
Gravel, fibers, and the stone was able to be used as a water filter media. While lime, alum, and akporit (coagulant coagulant) can alleviate chemical contaminants agglomerate so precipitate.

The execution means water filter:
– Prepare three water storage container (the container form a tube). Put gravel (which had been cleaned) in the original container that has been given a hole in the middle.

– Enter into basic rocks second container, add gravel, coconut shell charcoal, fine sand, fibers, fine sand, and added fibers again, stacking of each other. In the Beginning, the container had been hollowed out underneath. (The thickness of each layer is adjusted along its large filter container).

– Containers For accommodate 3rd utilized filtered water.

That trick purify water lightly seedy joint facility of the natural filter. Do Until forget or exchange facilities for cleaning water filter if the filter was not clear anymore. Hopefully useful!

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