Teen attacked rice: Boy, 17, mercilessly attacked by 2 teen bullies – National Top News

Teen attacked rice: Boy, 17, mercilessly attacked by 2 teen bullies – National Top News

A teen attacked with rice throughout sleep with a sofa is at a medically induced coma at Grady Memorial Hospital in Georgia with burns covering in excess of 70 % of his body. The teen’s two friends whorrrre liable for the boiling rice attack on 17-year-old Damon Clay of Atlanta have already been arrested, based on an April 24 New York Times report.

Damon Clay, 17, was in intensive care inside a medically-induced coma as his burns heal. 18-year-old Malik Morton and Quntavious Barber, 19, were arrested for this horrendous crime. The two teens thought Clay had taken their PlayStation 3 and attacking him with all the boiling rice was their way to get back in the teen. The three teens were all friends, that produces this attack even harder to know for Clay’s relatives.

According to WSBTV Atlanta News, Clay was resting on the couch with an apartment which is rented by one among his friends. The renter in the apartment, Kentaveus Watson, declared they are friends everyone involved. He was there at that time the attack happened and he said he is still equipped with visions of Clay’s injuries. “It scared me, really. Ever since it happened, I’ve been using the couch right where he got burned.”

Clay will be explained by members of the family as being a child who had previously been in jail for any burglary but who took part in a three-month program supplied by a nonprofit organization. The minister with the program had told a judge that she provides the teen with shelter and guidance but as being the recent rice attack shows, none of this actually happened. “He was lacking any supervision, none,” the teen’s aunt said. Instead of in a gaggle home, Clay moved around, sticking to relatives or friends ‘ wherever he may find shelter.

The three teens mixed up in the rice attack were known as friends among neighbors, but friendship apparently ends on the subject of internet websites what. Clay’s aunt declared that her nephew wouldn’t deserve this and that he will be scarred through out his life. “I’d rather my nephew take jail instead of exist,” the teen’s aunt added.


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